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August 17th, 2019

The Glass Is Always Greener

Outfit your house with upcycled wine bottle candles from Henry's Daughter.

You started using empty Altoids tins to keep your jewelry from getting knotted while traveling and feel like a bonafied genius.

For further upcycle inspiration, meet Henry’s Daughter. Dallas-based Leah and Francisco collect wine bottles from local restaurants to turn into handmade candles—meet them at The Boho Market this Sat, Aug 24. Before pouring in clean burning 100% soy wax mixed with essential oil and fragrance oil blends, each bottle is cut and sanded so the edges are smooth for display (and re-use). Choose light, medium or dark green and a selection of 15 yummy scents ranging from fresh grapefruit and mint to comforting spiced chai, with the option to create a customized label. You'll find inspo on the back, and the duo also makes lovely lanterns out of the top side of the bottles. 

Making this life hack totally illuminated.

Sold locally at Flea Style
3009 Commerce 
Dallas, TX 75226

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