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October 19th, 2020

Wunder Lust

Wunderkeks cookies are full of flavor, not preservatives.

Your arms are longing to embrace friends.

Enjoy the next best thing—a cookie that tastes as good as a hug from Wunderkeks. The Austin online bakery—you may have caught word of them when the cancellation of SXSW forced them to sell 25k cookies—just released new Wunder Boxes. The preservative free, all natural cookies, deliciously crispy and chewy all at once, come in creative flavors like limited edition pumpkin spice snickerdoodles, inside-out chocolate chip and—launching tomorrow, cotton candy. The goodies are neatly and sweetly packed in a happy little hot pink box with fun-loving surprises inside like sprinkles and Slinkies. 

When reality bites, bite back. 

Wunderkeks are available online, for Austin delivery via DoorDash and in-store at Fresh Plus Grocery

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