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May 31st, 2017

The Eyes of Apfel Are Upon Us

A visiting professor at The University of Texas at Austin, icon Iris Apfel collaborates with a hip new Texas brand.

You love the idea of adding some art to your house, but the idea of walking into a gallery fills you with sweaty palm anxiety. 
Eliminating the intimidation comes Austin-based Twyla. The new concept allows you to shop museum quality, limited edition art online, live with it for 30 days, see if you fall in love with it and then either keep it or send it back. Check out work that starts at $360, along with the "Art Connects Us" campaign that launched this week, pairing six Twyla artists with six luminaries to highlight how art bonds even the most unlikely duos. You'll love the first pairing: 95-year-old fashion icon Iris Apfel - who as a UT visiting professor hosts a group of Longhorns every year in NYC - with contemporary artist James Gortner. The famously bespectacled, legendary fashion visionary gives a shout-out to UT on the Twyla site. 
It's your new frame of reference.


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