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September 30th, 2015

Austin-Made Shoes Perfect for ACL

Get your feet fest ready with SUAVS shoes.

You've tried to hit ACL Fest in boho booties and ended up sweating straight through the suede. 

This weekend, rock a pair of SUAVS, breezy slip-ons made right here in Austin. The comfy kicks are super breathable and made from stretchy air mesh fabric designed specifically for your toesies to stay dry during long days in the heat. Worried about blisters when dancing your way through the Alabama Shakes? Don’t. The footgear, available in four colors, is intended to prevent sores even when you're sockless. Couples alert: the kicks are unisex, so you can snag a set to match your date.

Better to be on the cusp of fashion than in the fringe. 

During October, SUAVS will donate $5 to Susan G. Komen for every pair of white shoes purchased.

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