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March 11th, 2019

Shake Up Your Chakras

Exalted warriors love the yoga mat spray from Nina Berenato.


Nina Berenato
Domain NORTHSIDE - 3200 Palm Way

You've been known to get a pedicure before yoga to make your practice more pleasing. 

Take your downward dogs to new heights with the invigorating mat sprays from Nina Berenato. Pick your favorite from the apricot, black currant and passion fruit infused "I Am Radiant," the tobacco, bergamot and ylang "I Am Fearless" or the lemon and lavender "I Am Limitless." Then lightly spray the top of your mat and breath in the fresh scent. As you inhale, set your intention for the workout or meditation and allow the scent to align with your body's sensory awareness. Each 4 oz glass spray bottle is only available for purchase at her Flagship shop at Domain NORTHSIDE. 

You'll be inspired from nose to toes. 

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