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July 15th, 2019

Choose Your Own Aventurine

Which gemstone is best for your skin? Find out at Lovejay.


Lovejay Beauty
2124 E. 6th St.
Suite 103

You were the first of your friends to try flotation therapy and have a fish pedicure on your travel bucket list. 

Continue breaking beauty barriers by trying a Gemstone Facial Rolling Treatment at Lovejay. (Front Row members get the service free, details below). At the darling new holistic spot on East 6th, you'll start by choosing the gemstone for your specific needs—jade (qi booster), amethyst, rose quartz, yellow aventurine or Tiger's Eye (acne balancer). The pampering sesh firms facial muscles, offers jaw clenching relief, stimulates collagen, decreases inflammation, flushes toxins, promotes lymphatic drainage and decreases fine lines by way of the in-house gurus applying a hydration mist, facial oil and serum, and light facial massage.

When you join Front Row, you'll be treated to a customized gemstone rolling session from Lovejay PLUS a W Austin pool pass$25 Uchi gift card, an invite to our private Four Seasons Hotel Austin Lawn Party with Veuve Clicquot, plus tons more invites and gifts throughout your Front Row membership.

All necessary as you continue to be the first in Alkaline. 

Photo: Cassandra Klepac Photography


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