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March 5th, 2013

Bloomin’ Brilliant!

The gorgeous bouquet of fresh-cut flowers at the market practically called your name. But now you’ve got them home and want to display them like a pro. Forget the typical throw-them-in-a-vase routine. Take charge of your pretty petals and arrange them with ease in just three steps. 
1. Gather your supplies: clear Scotch tape or floral tape, vase or bowl, scissors or floral clippers, flowers and some greenery.
2. Create a grid-like pattern of tape across the top of your vessel. Think of it like sticky tic-tac-toe.
3. Trim the length of the flowers so the buds are peeping just past the tape, then arrange them by inserting one to two blooms per square. Tuck in greenery last to fill in any gaps.
Image courtesy of Almost Makes Perfect

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