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July 16th, 2012

How Gwyneth Gets Her Glow

You took the neon trend to shocking new levels when you managed to wear three shades simultaneously, and think the word "skinny" in front of a margarita is a free pass to guzzle. 
For once in your life, do something gradually. Rachel Zoe and Gwyneth Paltrow have both given their stylish nod of approval to Texas-based Supergoop!, a must-have summer accessory. Apply the yummy new "mousse" that gives a sunless glow and protects from rays - your natural hue increases with use. It girls swear by the City Sunscreen Serum and acai lip balm, jet setters prefer the TSA-approved SPF travel pack. Best part? The entire line is anti aging.
A slower tempo can be a good thing, like when going up a cup size. (Both bras and 'ritas.) 

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