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October 9th, 2014

Ouija Bored?

Get the conversation flowing with Riddles of Existence from Southern artist Dalt Wonk.

The invitations for your spooky soiree have been stamped and sent. Now on to planning the dark decor. 

For the perfect place setting, lay down a Riddles of Existence card from New Orleans artist-and-author Dalt Wonk. Each of the 53 cards in the oversized deck consists of a beautifully eery illustration inspired by costume designs from 19th-century Mardi Gras parades, in tandem with a thought-provoking rhyme for you to solve. A brain buster of a bonding experience for the entire table, try your hand at guessing the themes, ranging from music and metamorphosis to jealousy and fortune - a final card lists the answers to every image should you get stumped. 

You'll be the hostess with the ghostess.


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