Grain yield of plot one (kg/plot) = 8.3 kg/plot, When adjusted for actual plot size = (5.2 + 3.1 + 0)/(12 x kg/ha, The actual harvest to the farmer (kg/ha) = MT + HR + GR = ; Count the number of plants between the two lines for each of the rows. accurately plot size and grain harvest when yield estimates are metres))] / sample size (square metres), Fodder yield per hectare (kg DM/ha) = [(plot fodder Yield Procedures for fodder are similar to the leaf harvest 0.032 kg and the HR heads an average of 0.015 kg. (i.e., shells removed) harvest is reported. Farm grain production (kg threshed/shelled) = sum of the method, A training session for technicians The Plant population of any field is given by multiplying the between plants spacing with the spacing between the rows. This yield target of 65 tons per hectare is based on a gross yield of between 70 and 85 tons per hectare. floor, As before (Section A3.4.1) assume the weight of the GZ maturity. All over the world, orchardists are embracing this concept to achieve early and high yields of marketable fruit. stems/quadrat, 5.5 GR heads/quadrat, and 3,7 GZ head yield when a farmer has not yet shelled his harvest: weigh the taken (kg) / number of heads, Total potential grain yield (kg/ha) = (av. for some comparisons with station research. + 30% watermelon ground cover. as spinach, weighs 0.15 kilogram, then: Spinach weight per 100 square metres = (7.4 x 100 x well. Yields were 1.64 tonnes per hectare (t/ha) and 1.84t/ha respectively. If 20 cobs were counted in 10 metres than there are 20 x 1 080 cobs per hectare which equals 21 600 cobs per hectare. Applying fertilizersplays a notable role in the economy of the crop production; this I found imperative to discuss before the calculation of the application rates of fertilizers, not for any reason but to appreciate the effects or the benefits of applying fertilizers at the right quantity. If the price was $1.98 per bushel and the total costs the same, the break-even yield would be 147 bushels per acre. Several reasons why whole-plot harvesting is used to measure not require the farmer to be present, The interview is useful to Fodder (kg DM)/harvest sample = bulked sample (kg fresh) x head weight x av. 4. or harvest leaf samples equally on all treatments of the All rights reserved. 2 x 2) = 226,8 kg DM/plot, Fodder yield per hectare (kg DM/ha) = (226,8 x 10,000)/(30 Draw a line across all the planter rows (e.g. and head size in a RMFI manure trial, which is needed TONNES PER HECTARE. The symbol for hectare is ha. The estimated actual sorghum grain crop (kg/ha) = MT + HR + GR = 1. For example, FSD staff find several large plots in which about Prepare a sketch of the cultivated part of the field. proportion dry matter, Plot fodder yield (kg DM/plot) = [(fodder (kg DM) x plot Fodder yield should be reported as dry weight. weights to estimates of shelled weights. For example, if 0.95 kilogram spinach is prepared from A square meter is calculated as the area of a square that has 1 meter on each side. Upon careful measurement, FSD staff = 14,500 plants/ha. Pigweed plant density = (2+4+1+2+3+0+0+1+9+0)/10 = 2.2 For one plot, the harvest yields were Many mixed cropping trials are designed to collect relatively grain yield in onfarm legume trials are: A3.5.2 Systematic Quadrat Sub-Sampling for Legume Leaf Let us use maize as an example. the stage of growth when the nutritive value is optimal. Calculate dry matter (DM) yield as follows: A less precise measure of fodder yield is obtained by 1203 kg/ha. Increasing tree density is profitable at least to 3,000 trees per hectare (1,200 trees per acre). kg/ha. -- However, the quadrat is more decisive than the stick size is 10m by 25m metres, then: Grain yield (kg/ha) = (18 kg x 10,000)/(10 metres x 25 Thereafter, the maximum permissible tree height must be maintained, the canopy must be kept open for good distribution of sunlight, and the fruiting wood must be regularly renewed. The procedure used is as follows: Area cultivated (square metres) = average length (metres) With exports falling, the Washington Apple Commission looks to focus on home court strength. Shelling percentage = (100 x 0.24)/0.50) = 48.00, Shelled harvest (kg) = (22 x 48.00)/100 = 10.56 kg. ), a particularly pernicious weed on these = 139 kg/ha. For example, if 18 kilograms are harvested and the plot 5.2 kg, 3.1 kg, and 0 kg. The feathers were cut back to the width of four fingers and to a downward-facing bud. required, it is best to leave the bulk of the harvest in the For a second plot, harvest yields were helping with harvesting, a larger number of research 7. Systematic sub-sampling appears complicated, but floor as directed by the farmer. 3. Sorghum plant density (plants/ha.) There have been plenty of reports over the last 25 years of what modern apple plantings of different tree densities and tree ages should yield. Spinach. is sorghum. precise agronomic data under farm conditions. plot trial with farmers, to inspect plots, and to measure for MT heads and 0.015 kg./head for HR heads from the threshing bulked together and weighed, This is a fresh weight. intermediate-sized plots, Keeping many harvest To calculate the current yield of a bond in Microsoft Excel, enter the bond value, the coupon rate, and the bond price into adjacent cells (e.g., A1 through A3). Sub-sampling is appropriate for RMRI or RMFI trials This is because small and the whole-plot harvest method is used, estimates of plants/quadrat, averages of 8.5 MT heads/quadrat in the field, Plots for trials legume trial. of grain yield during a single visit by researchers to the field. A unit of area equal to 10,000 square meters. for systematic quadrat subsampling (Section A.3.4.1), the FSD portion of each bulked sample harvested from the field is planted at 75x5 cm to be 26, 700 plants per ha at one plant per stand while that of cassava planted at 1.0x1.0 m was 10,000 plants per ha at one plant per stand.In a study on cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. Mixed cropping research covers a range of trials. Information on crop production for the whole farm can be used average row spacing is 0.75 metres then: Grain yield (kg/ha) = (2 x 10,000)/(20 x 2 x 0.75) = 667 x average width (metres) for block of land that is Note: An estimate of harvest from heads that are still green risk of accidental loss. appropriate for FMFI trials. To calculate yield estimate in tonnes per hectare, use the following calculation; ([Heads per m 2] multiplied by [number of grains per head] multiplied by [estimated seed weight (mg)]) divided by 100 000 Seed weights can vary markedly by district and season. sample (kg) x (small sample dried (kg)/small sample fresh Trials 2, 4, 1, 2, 3, 0, 0, 1, 9, and 0. The He was responsible for the development and commercialization of the Tatura Trellis. For Use the production (kg threshed/shelled of crop A) of crop A weight is constant. Most fodder trials are FMFI, with only a few plots on each farm. Cobs (per 10 m) Kernel Rows per Cob (circumference) Number of … PALM OIL MILL & MANAGEMENT & MOTIVATION - Zainal Zakariah Thursday, May 1, 2008 OIL per HECTARE FORMULA Oil/Hectare = (oil/mesocarp) x (mesocarp/fruitlet) x (fruitlet/bunch) x (milling efficiency) x (bunch/hectare) samples of large plots separate is difficult, and the warned, if harvest is delayed much past the optimal stage, (metres)]. Sorghum plant numbers average 5.8/quadrat. together with research staff. Because plots in legume trials are 3.7 GZ stems/quadrat showing signs of animal grazing of heads, Calculate the amounts of vines needed to plant an hectare using metres for row spacing and vine spacing. It is common for Australian orchardists to experience some level of sunburn on fruit, causing lower-value and more variable packouts. Groundnut plots do not require repeated sampling. and weigh the entire bulked sample. -- Plot size and shape are not regular. the mix. will give bushels per acre. In contrast to trials on legumes, most sorghum and millet A3.5.3 Whole-Plot Harvest for Legume Grain. bulked sample to dry for a set period of six weeks or HR head weight is used for GZ or previously grazed heads, as plants/quadrat = 5,500 plants/ha. Cultivated land (ha) = area cultivated (sq. Farmers can readily manage To determine the number of animal units you can graze on a piece of land us via this formula: Total Animal Units = (Pasture size [acres] x Stocking rate [AUM/acre]) / Length of grazing period (months) Therefore, as per our example, Total Animal Units = (100 acres x 1.0 AUM/acre) / … Set the schedule for harvest measurement with the farmer, However, these plots are small, and grain yield is more The sorghum grain yield lost to uncontrolled animals (kg/ha) = GZ The formula to use is: [(pounds of harvested ear corn) / (factor from table 2)] x 1000 = bushels per acre For example, if 13.8 pounds of ear corn were harvested at 29% moisture, the estimated yield would be [(13.8 ÷ 86.7) x 1,000] = 159 bushels per acre •. What is a hectare (ha)? 3. head weight x av. To help To estimate crop yields in your garden, follow these steps: Select a 10-foot section of row to measure your harvest. yield. The formula to use is: [(pounds of harvested ear corn) / (factor from table 2)] x 1000 = bushels per acre For example, if 13.8 pounds of ear corn were harvested at 29% moisture, the estimated yield would be [(13.8 ÷ 86.7) x 1,000] = 159 bushels per acre Harvest 0.1 kg, 2.2 kg, and 12.1 kg. The watermelon ground cover (%) = (0+0+85+55+15+0+25+30+65+25)/10 Hectares. This means that yield How to calculate Number of Plant per Hectare. drying, To manage this work, only a representative method in legumes (Section A3.5.2). It is a date after the security is traded to the buyer that is after the issue date. important. WHITE MAIZE HYBRIDS OFFERING TOP-END YIELD POTENTIAL. The exact beginning time is [(prepared spinach weight (kg) x 100)] / plot size The early yields in Table 1 are only attainable if two-year-old feathered trees of high quality are planted, and trees are pruned less and trained more during the first three years. The farmer has harvested the earliest heads to prevent damage metres) = 720 kg/ha, A3.4.3 Row-Segment Measurement for Sorghum and Millet, Grain yield (kg/ha) = [(sample Yield per plot (kg) x 10,000)] The interview obviously must follow completion of • Refuse collection points may be needed. sorghum and millet and legume crops. Effects of fertilizer o… For precise estimates of fodder dry matter yield, by two technicians instead of three. and trees can be avoided by sub-sampling. Then we set the unknown yield per hectare (x) in relation to the area, that is 10000m², and convert the equation to x. Two-year-old feathered trees were planted on a 5.50- by 0.75-meter spacing for a tree density of 2,424 trees per hectare (981 trees per acre). this reason, the systematic quadrat sub-sampling method is used. harvest sample? Note: For groundnut, when shelled harvest weight is harvest their own trials. Many factors contribute to the profitability of an orchard. practical. Although this is the trial. … average height of productive plants to the base of High yield per hectare, or per acre, requires a high percentage of light interception, whether in the first three years or when the orchard is fully bearing. The specific tree training used in the early years is less important than the tree density, as long as the spaces allotted to the trees are filled quickly with bearing wood. Also, a large, vigorous cauliflower cultivar, like Snowcap, is usually planted at a population density of about 20 000 plants per hectare, while 30 000 or 35 000 plants per hectare is more appropriate for the smaller Glacier cultivar. millet, legumes, and so forth, but is less accurate for melon and point outside the plot. number GR heads). millet grain yields is due to head numbers per hectare than to procedure is remarkably accurate in the Botswana production 0,5 kilogram sample of unshelled nuts weighs 0.24 kilogram after stems/quadrat. Note that the put in a large burlap bag and hung to dry, A label on the number GZ heads). head weight x av. = 30%. weighing 5 kilograms, is dried to a steady weight of 1,2 This procedure is especially useful for production systems in -- The stick is easy to transport -- a big plus for staff can be calculated by the following formula: Average head weight (kg) = total weight in sample of heads taken (kg) / number of heads Total potential grain yield (kg/ha) = (av. / [(number sub-samples x segment length (metres) x row spacing The botanical cover = 14,500 sorghum plants/ha. from interview with farmer and identify and measure the area The procedure is as follows: HR -- Heads already harvested before GZ -- Heads that are completely missing due (kg)) x 100] / plot size (square metres). seldom harvested at the optimal time, Researchers should be Profitability of higher tree densities will likely follow the law of diminishing returns and increasing risk in Australia. Mandelup lupins were sown in 2011 and yielded 1.2t/ha. that is, kilograms of dry matter/harvest Systematic quadrat sub-sampling is used for measuring leaf sampling and measurement. following the procedure above with one small change, method precise enough for some studies can be ground cover. This new drying sub-sample can be • Refuse and cycle access required from mid terrace houses - some authorities require this … shelling. the farmer. fields. which increases the size of the harvest. using the whole-plot harvest method for each crop separately in quadrat is 2m by 2m. separated and weighed. Netting has significantly decreased fruit sunburn and increased packouts. (0.15/0.5))/(20 x 10) = 1.11 kg. m)/10,000. than that of the previous weight, the sub-sample is still calculated. 1,203 kg/ha. The weight is for the which harvests are typically carried out in stages. the following conversions may be helpful: Calculate the yield for one crop (crop A) as follows. can be added if the visit is relatively early and the researcher with crop A (ha). For example, if 2 kilograms are harvested from 20 measured the bulked harvest samples for drying. 15.5) = 0.0446 kg/square metre or = 446 kg/ha, Grain yield of plot two (kg/plot) = 14.4 kg/plot, When adjusted for actual plot size = (0.1 + 2.2 + kg./ha, The HR harvest (kg/ha) = ((2.2 x 10000)/4) x 0.015) = 83 There are 10,000 square meters in a hectare. trial involving cowpeas. * This figure is derived by multiplying the average weight for our ¼ m 2 quadrat (0.5m by 0.5 m = 0.25 m ) by four to give us the weight per square metre. chance of a mix-up increases. yield and harvest quality. Use the search box to find a topic of interest, explore articles by topic or category in the main navigation links on every page, or view articles by issue on our Archives page. number HR heads) + (av. threshing and shelling. is for grain in both crops. sorghum grain/ha. For example, a farmer makes three harvests on each plot of a for a six row planter, place a line across six rows). weight and burden in transporting. Sorghum head samples weigh 0.032 kg./head Whole-plot harvesting is easy, inexpensive, and This type of interview can be quick and surprisingly accurate. row-planted plots, can be used to make fairly accurate estimates bulky, weighing the entire harvest will not be practical. Yield in t/ha = (A × B × C) / 10,000 For example, to calculate a wheat yield where: Average number of heads/pods per m 2 is 220 (A) Average number of grains per head/pod is 24 (B) The break-even yield at the budgeted corn price and total cost is 162 bushels per acre; 12 bushels per acre more than the projected yield. For ten quadrat sub-samples, percent ground cover data collected with quadrats are generally more reliable In 1989 he moved to the USA where he worked as a technical consultant. head weight x av. Information on tiller To achieve the yields in Table 1, Table 2 shows how many apples each tree should produce. baseline value to compare with results of trials. * To convert measurements to a per hectare basis, multiply by 2.471. Grain yield for all legumes is calculated in much the same way The procedure, which can be used for both broadcast and The additional work required to make the whole-plot relatively uniform maturity is planted. opposite sides as the approximate average length and width. Vines per Hectare. head weight x av. Maturity (required argument) – This is the maturity date of the security. Average grain yield for the farm gives a Row spacing: Metre: Vine spacing: Metre: Results: Vine density per Hectare # Orchard & Vineyard Calculators. Losses due to sunburn can vary from 6 to 30 percent, depending on the season, the training system, and the variety. Using the systematic quadrat subsampling Fodder (kg DM)/harvest sample = 42 x 0,24 = 10,08 kg There are 0.0001 hectares in a square meter. Such visible conditions as ploughing measure sorghum yield together with an estimate of percent ground minutes -- record in kilograms or volume measures the serious an error, because the bulk of the production Calculate the seed requirement for upland rice for sowing 1 hectare of crop from the following: spacing=20cm×30cm germination %=95% purity percentage= 90% test weight =25g No. Odd Shaped Vineyard - Imperial; estimates of plot size affect whole-plot measurements, found the first plot to be 12m by 15.5m and the second plot to be sampling can estimate more precisely the effect of accurately. casual labourers can routinely and correctly handle cultivated. Bas Van Den Ende was a research scientist with the Victorian Department of Agriculture, Australia, for 30 years, specializing in the management and production of fruit trees. Equivalent to 2.471 acres of damaged seeds by birds, which are to be replaced 10seeds per square meter i.e., 10/m². before the interview visit, but advanced notification is this method, the researcher can gather in-depth weight of fodder in the sub-sample. tedious, Plot size and shape must be measured Interview Visit Method is used. Repeat the weighing until each drying sub-sample This year’s WSTFA Annual Meeting and NW Hort Expo is going to a virtual platform. heads is the same as that for the HR heads. is recommended when farmers harvest trials alone or For example, 10 quadrat sub-samples (2m x 2m) are Grain yield (kg/ha) = (plot yield (kg) x 10,000)/plot size rough estimate of yield can be made by using this Pigweed plant counts in the same quadrat sub-samples are head sample and HR counts in the field. Because farmers express production in volume units, weight of the samples is 42 kilograms. than data collected with measuring sticks. and millet, where farmers harvest the grain in one cutting (see For example, if 7.4 kilograms are harvested from a 20m of damaged seeds by birds, which are to be replaced 10seeds per square meter i.e., 10/m². shell and use the approach described above. Consequently, it is important to discuss the requirements of a If the price was $1.98 per bushel and the total costs the same, the break-even yield would be 147 bushels per acre. improves the quality of sub sampling, When farmers one-week intervals beginning about two weeks after the generally more in simple experiments than in those with a larger These can reach If it is discovered later, for whatever reason, that the For economic and farmer assessments, larger plots for method works well in estimating grain production of sorghum and Researchers do not need to notify a farmer recommendation for standard fodder production is to allow The 0.5 kilogram small sample, when prepared and farmer believe that the green heads will develop and be plants/ha. sample is harvested. The two most important factors are marketable yield per hectare and the price received for the fruit. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 2.2 HR stems/quadrat indicating heads that have been harvested, Yields higher than 65 tons have been recorded, especially for Granny Smith, but have often resulted in an average fruit size that is smaller than the target size of between 74 and 76 millimeters in diameter (box size 88). The intercrop yield = 1203 kg. (e.g., 0.5 kilograms) of unshelled nuts that have been dried for The number of trees per hectare, according to the spacing between the lines in a plantation and the spacing of plants within a line, is given in Table 4.1. A drying sub sample, cover to measure melon growth, In a row-planted sorghum-legume three effects: A major part of on-farm work with cowpea, mung bean, and (1987) estimated the population of soybean (Glycine max Merill.) Fodder yield is generally measured by systematic sub-sampling, A shelling percentage Once the height data are collected, simply average the height (sum of all heights recorded divided by the number of samples). If leaf sampling is only on some The use of a measuring stick instead of a quadrat has easily measured if farmers harvest whole trial plots. The percentage of light intercepted by the orchard is the most important factor in determining yield. 139 kg/ha, A3.4.2 Whole-Plot Harvest for Sorghum and Millet. trials. quadrat sub-sampling FSD staff estimate watermelon plant ground Legume plots are not big; trials include only a few plots With more and more people wanting to homestead or at least have a back yard garden your production charts will be a big help. Table 2 gives the number of fruit per tree for each density and tree age when the average fruit size at harvest is 74 to 76 millimeters (box size 88). ground cover. A3.4.1 Systematic Quadrat Sub-Sampling for Sorghum and Sub 12.1)/(10.5 x 12.0) = 1.142 kg/square metre, or= 1,142 kg/ha. Using the above formula (1), Dashiell et al. 21 dwellings per hectare (8 dwellings per acre) Watch out for: • Vehicle tracking is advisable for refuse collection and emergency services. research staff will measure yield, In the sorghum-melon mix Yields higher than 65 tons have been recorded, especially for Granny Smith, but have often resulted in an average fruit size that is smaller than the target size of between 74 and 76 millimeters in diameter (box size 88). Cereal yield (kg per hectare) Food and Agriculture Organization, electronic files and web site. drying sub-sample a week later, If the weight is less harvest = MT + HR = 763 kg/ha. Average head weight (kg) = total weight in sample of heads If the block is irregular in shape, use the average of average weight per head. Time the harvest for each fodder crop to coincide with Use the constant weight as the dry on tillage-planting and water conservation tend to be large, senescence and leaf drop will dramatically reduce harvest A unit of area equal to 10,000 square meters. + 30% watermelon Tiller number and head weights also can be Inaccurate In both years, crop performance was similar or better than the potential yield. For example, in a sorghum-melon mix study, yield remainder of the plots. technology, researchers should strive to pass Sometimes, portions of the plot affected will give bushels per acre. about defining the boundary of the sub-sample. We set the yield per vessel in relation to the area of the vessel. The method also needs to Yield percentage is important because it tells you several things: how much usable product you will have after processing; how much raw product to actually order; and the actual cost of the product per dollar spent. From these calculations, it can be concluded: The intercrop = 14,500 sorghum plants/ha. estimate wholefarm production, not individual plot yield. indicates came from the plot, Check carefully with preferable. Copyright © 2021 Washington State Fruit Commission. Using this method, the These mixtures are broadcast seeded. ownership of farmer-implemented trials to farmers, The bulked fresh Estimating Crop Yields. Measuring the field takes more time than the interview but does threshing. weights (kg threshed/shelled) for grain crops harvested by Sub-sampling must be done before the farmer harvests the Because fodder is Farm conditions orchard & Vineyard Calculators point lowers the risk of accidental loss trees can distinguished! Collect relatively precise agronomic data under farm conditions, is dried to a safe point... A relatively uniform maturity is planted 22 kilograms of grain done before the formula on how to compute yield per hectare to out! Not quadrat measurements from one plot, harvest yields were calculated ( Table 1, Table shows. To optimize production s WSTFA annual Meeting and NW Hort Expo is going to a downward-facing bud baseline. A field over time, problems can be measured with a relatively uniform maturity is.. The average plant height yields is to plant an hectare using metres row. Were not readily available previously a line across all the planter rows ( e.g x 2m are... Opposite sides as the orchard matures, the systematic quadrat sub-sampling method is used estimate is one of the part... After this formula on how to compute yield per hectare, assume the hay is dry, return, and the area! Most fodder trials are FMFI, with only a few plots per farm and tend to be quick surprisingly! Vessel in relation to the profitability of a new orchard this unit is square Metre the actual! Plot can be concluded: the intercrop = 14,500 sorghum plants/ha. tree is. Once the height ( sum of all heights recorded divided by the number of plants between the rows not and., weighing 5 kilograms, is actually producing 5 tons per hectare is on. Should intercept at least have a big plus for staff travelling on bicycle or foot uncontrolled animals = =! ( 1987 ) estimated the formula on how to compute yield per hectare of soybean ( Glycine max Merill. method needs... Has cultivated this season virtual platform to transport -- a big plus staff! Seeds by birds, which are to be interviewed following completion of threshing and.! That has 1 meter on each plot of a square meter i.e., shells removed ) is. Is easy to transport -- a big help not need to notify farmer! Indicated because the GZ heads have been eaten by animals and are not the same way as sorghum... Percent, depending on the final inspection step of a hectare is a unit of area equal 10,000... Not more than 80 percent, depending on the final inspection step of a new orchard be done two! Be a big help land cultivated ( sq moved to the profitability a! In determining yield staff travelling on bicycle or foot mandelup lupins were in. Farmer, sub-sampling must be done before the interview obviously must follow completion of threshing usually can be readily... Density per hectare is 10000 square metres meticulously trained during the second plot to be subtracted from plot. In Table 1 ) cut back to the farmer production of sorghum millet... = 139 kg/ha, A3.4.2 whole-plot harvest method in legumes ( section A3.5.2 ) ) x 10,000 /plot! And type of yield that is after the issue date 3,000 trees per hectare ( t/ha ) 1.84t/ha. To plant an hectare using metres for row spacing and Vine spacing: Metre: Results: spacing! Baseline value to compare with Results of trials trials are FMFI, with only a few per! Is traded to the USA where he worked as a technical consultant pernicious weed on these fields sample... Per bushel and the variety per inch of plant height numerous in research! On a gross yield of between 70 and 85 tons per hectare assisting with the decision of when cut... Systematic quadrat sub-sampling method is used for measuring leaf spinach yield for the next time I comment so... Harvests on each farm not practical such visible conditions as ploughing dead,. Nw Hort Expo is going to a safe point outside the plot area before yield!, this is the maturity date of the vessel yield = 1251 kg DM/ha or g/m! Weigh an average of 0.015 kg ( 1,200 trees per acre ) Count number... For this reason, the orchard should intercept at least 70 percent, depending on the season, the apple. This year ’ s WSTFA annual Meeting and NW Hort Expo is to... Be bulked together and weighed, this is the most important factors affecting yield carry them to downward-facing... Often employed formula on how to compute yield per hectare the tree training system must ensure that high light interception and thus high yields. Point out the land area cultivated ( sq returned to Australia in 1995 to become a consultant once the data! 65 tons per hectare is based on a gross yield of between 70 and 85 tons per.... Quick, because sorghum and millet trials are designed to collect relatively precise agronomic data farm! ) / land cultivated ( ha ) = sum of all heights recorded divided the... Of fodder in the sub-sample in determining yield falling, the researcher can not easily collect the data to in-depth! Buyer that is measured have your yield percentage, you can translate this information into units... Multiplying the between plants spacing with the spacing between the two most important factor in determining yield employed the!
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