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February 11th, 2020

Tea Bag Art!

Oolong time coming. Gift the muse in your life with tea bag art from Kindred Spirits.


Kindred Spirits
1111 East 11th St.
Ste. 100

You've always been impressed by the latte artists of the word. 

Turn your attention from the caffeine scene to lovely tea poetry from Adrienne Allyn Dent. Her tea bag art, hanging in the fitting rooms and available for purchase at Kindred Spirits, features thoughtful little sentiments and snippets from Persian poets like Rumi and lovely one-liners from Japanese Zen monks like Kozan. Each tea bag is brewed into a cuppa, air dried and then opened to allow the color and pattern to reveal itself. Then, they're heat pressed and scrolled through a vintage Remington typewriter from the 20s to add the moving musings
Don't miss out or you'll have serious FOAM-o. 

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