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Cocktails With: The Founder of Le Garage Sale

September 12th, 2012

Tidbits sat down with Suellen Young, the brains behind the brands at Le Garage Sale to find out her tips on how to make the most of this boutique flea market experience and the number one rule she has for first-time shoppers...

TIDBITS: What's the one thing no one knows about Le Garage Sale?
SUELLEN: That the huge bi-annual warehouse sale at Fred Segal in L.A. was the inspiration for the very first Le Garage Sale (over 10 years ago!).

TIDBITS: Best flea market in the world?
SUELLEN: Not sure about the "world", but when we lived west for a couple of years, the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena was pretty fabulous. Rumor has it that the Antiques Garage in NYC and the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok are legendary, as well.

TIDBITS: Best item you've ever scored at Le Garage?
SUELLEN: My favorite orange vintage lamp, my daughter's Homecoming dress (originally priced $475, paid $75), my "go to" earrings from Kendra Scott and Limbo...indulgence and necessity! 

TIDBITS: Do you have a dream vendor for Le Garage?
SUELLEN: In the past 10 years, we've been very fortunate to have all of my favorite retail stores involved at one time or another. My short list of local prospects would include Stag, Hem, Threshold Furniture and the iconic Allen's Boots. Beyond that, if anyone knows Jonathan Adler, please give him my number!

TIDBITS: Online shopping: dangerous or amazing?
SUELLEN: Depends on whether or not cocktails are involved! I have a friend who accidentally bought an Airstream trailer on eBay--post margaritas! Personally, with clothing/accessories, I do better with things I can actually try on--and like to support my local, independent businesses, if possible.

TIDBITS: What's one tip you'd give a first-timer to Le Garage?
SUELLEN: If you thrive on high energy and the thrill of a crowd, come early on the first day. If you would rather shop, mingle and sip, then come later that afternoon--or on the second day. In my experience, you don't miss out--many vendors re-stock on Saturday nights, and with so many retailers participating there are PLENTY of irresistible goods to choose from.

TIDBITS: After a long weekend at Le Garage Sale, what is your kick-back cocktail of choice?
SUELLEN: If I'm really exhausted and want to relax with the familiar, I resort to my old standby: Matt's el Rancho frozen margarita with just a "dot" of sangria, no salt. If I'm feeling festive and indulgent, a hefty glass of red vino from Justine's or Vespaio would be my choice.

TIDBITS: Ever seen a cat fight break out over a sale item at Le Garage?
SUELLEN: Maybe some elbowing or dirty looks, but not an all out "cat-fight"...yet!

TIDBITS: What's the number one rule for shoppers at Le Garage?
SUELLEN: In the words of Robert Fulghum (All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten): "Play fair. Don't hit people. Put things back where you found them. Clean up your own mess. Don't take things that aren't yours."

TIDBITS: What's your fave place to shop in town?
SUELLEN: I plead the 5th! That's like asking a Mom to pick her favorite child!

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