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November 16th, 2017

Break Out Your Stretchy Pants

Make Thanksgiving a breeze with pies from Bywater Bakery.

The only way to tell it's almost the holidays are the giant red bows going up in Jackson Square. 

Nonetheless, Turkey Day is right around the corner and you're gonna need to show up at the in-laws' house with something more than wine in hand. Make it easy on yourself with a Thanksgiving pie order from Bywater Bakery. Now taking orders for November 20 - 22, the delish selection is far from the average pumpkin. Choose from five table-pleasing pies: Apple Rosemary, Butter Praline, Eggnog Custard, Sweet Potato Chiffon or Bourbon Pecan. 

No need to let your sister-in-law realize your kitchen skills are half-baked attempts. 

Soak up art inspiration during the Lumineux exhibit at Claire Elizabeth Gallery during an opening reception TODAY, Friday, November 17, from 6-9 p.m. Browse work from three local Louisiana artists 
George Marks (work pictured), Lisa di Stefano and Ashton Shaw Despot.

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