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August 13th, 2013

Glamp Of Approval

Your roughing it reality.


Cabanas Cuatrocuatros
El Tigre, carretera
Ensenada, Mexico

You’ve laid claim to the fact that you’re an outdoorsy chick, but your fresh pedi and the unused holiday REI gift card sing a different tale.

Dip a toe into the world of camping with a visit to Cabanas Cuatrocuatros in nearby Ensenada, Mexico. The short drive down the Baja coast leads you to a wonderment of climates nestled within a vineyard, with access to the ocean just a bit further down the highway. The luxurious “tents” on the property all boast king or queen sized beds, A/C, mini bars, heaters, bathrooms and fireplaces on the indoor and outdoor terraces. In addition to the amazing views from your abode, you have the option of ATV rides, wine tastings and spa treatments. 

And if your plus one asks you to do anything outside your comfort zone, just put on your do not disturb face.

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