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November 18th, 2016

Girlfriend's Guide to SA

Become a tourist in your own town with Wildsam Field Guides.

When friends come to visit (between the Nutella x3 at Tre Trattoria and the tostada bean burger at Chris Madrid's), you're bound to field questions about SA's scene. 

Let the Wildsam Field Guides serve as your oh-so-cool refresher course. The petite and chic page-turner is peppered with facts, maps, who's who interviews from influencers, folklore and quotes that celebrate our city. Pretty in cobalt, you'll want copies of this modern day city guide for your purse, coffee table and work desk. Other versions of the guide include spotlights on Tidbits' other cities like New Orleans and Austin

You'll be the history buff who doesn't bluff. 

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