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November 9th, 2009

Tree Hugger

Green is the new black, so head to the new eco-chic everything store, P'lovers.

You made the difficult choice between your _People_ and _Us Weekly_ subscriptions to save trees, and justified the purchase of that mammoth handbag because it doubles as a grocery bag, cutting down on plastic sacks.

In other words, you do your part. Give even more back to Mother Earth by shopping at P'lovers, the brand new eco-friendly everything store in the Grove Hill shopping center. It's the Canadian chain's first U.S. store, where you can pick up what you need to make your happy home a green one. Think plush bamboo towels, gorgeous silk scarves made from Indian saris and vinyl records repurposed into bowls and clocks. The sleek store's endless selection also includes all-natural cleaning supplies, pillows filled with buckwheat and gorgeous baby toys.

Now, back to convincing your grandmother to "recycle" her fur vest your way this winter.

355 E. Basse Road
San Antonio, TX 78209

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