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September 26th, 2014

The Big Eat-sy

NOLA-style cuisine comes to SA via The Cookhouse.


The Cookhouse
720 E. Mistletoe
San Antonio

It's time for a shout-out to all of our New Orleans transplants. You can't hide those speedy crawfish-peeling, oyster-shucking skills from us.

Say hello to Pieter Sypesteyn, a NOLA native and owner of fried food on wheels fave Where Y'at, who has gifted our Tex-Mex city with The Cookhouse. The restaurant features authentic Creole cuisine with come-and-get-it style fried boudin, charbroiled oysters, paneed pork cutlets with tomato grits and veal marrow bones ruling the menu. Instead of booking it to the Crescent City, step right up to the cozy building housed off N. St. Mary's for your powdered sugar beignet fix.

Next order of business: pass a pro go-cup law here in SA.

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