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October 6th, 2016

Shop "Travel Dresses" at Aquarius

Caftans from Aquarius leave you with room to maneuver.


Available at Aquarius
6704 N New Braunfels Ave
San Antonio

You've got a reputation for clearing the space on the dance floor so you can have a little more room to move. 

Enjoy a similar freedom in MIRTH Caftans. Inspired by a trip to Jaipur, two Texas sisters have created a cohesive line of flowy garments that have already gotten the nod of approval from stockists like Anthropologie concept stores and select Four Seasons and Canyon Ranch resorts. The "travel dresses" float and breath in neutral tones (soft oatmeal, navy, creme, gray) and range in styles from long, loose and lengthy like the Vana to shorter like the San Sebastian. Some incorporate textiles from India typically used in men's traditional dhoti, others are colorblocked and loomed by hand to create motifs not possible by machine. You'll love details like detachable leather belts and fringe sashes - each caftan offers endless ways to wear it.  

How flow can you go?

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