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July 12th, 2013

Sippin' On Ginger And Juice

Make these super-foods your super-heroes.


Urth Juice Bar
5300 McCullough
San Antonio
You charged so many drinks last night that even your credit card has a hangover.
Give your plastic a pep talk at Urth Juice Bar, the brightly-colored and local art-friendly newcomer to The Yard on McCullough. Improve your overall health and bump up next-day energy levels with a little something fresh from their extensive smoothie and juice menus that feature feel-good ingredients like coconut oil, goji berries, almond milk and honey. This habitat for humanity even offers a pre-paid, pre-made juice cleanse for a summertime detox. And, if you are still reeling from last night's impromptu bar crawl, they'll deliver within a 5-mile radius.
Discover the card that has your back.

ACEQUIAPump up your health kick with new, "eco-luxe" ACEQUIA - an artisan line of soaps, body washes, and lotions. New to SA, you can find ACEQUIA at Central Market, Sloan/Hall, and other shops, listed here.

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