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September 24th, 2009

Shut It Down

The new denim collection at Penny Lane contains a celeb-worthy look for any type of body.

If only you had your own personal Rachel Zoe to dress you everyday. Studded booties, shoulder pads… It'd be nice to consult with an expert before doing something you'll regret.

If our fave fur and vintage-wearing pixie saw the brand new denim collection at Penny Lane, she would surely exclaim, "I _die_" />" Head over to see the season's hottest styles in jeans – the new boyfriend, pencil cut, and those with a little flare. The boutique's new owner, Kristin McCullough, sharpened her stilettos with NYC fashion gigs and will help you find the best look for your bod. From Genetic Denim and MiH to Hudson, Current Elliott, J Brand and Citizens, you'll love her celeb-worthy lines.

A stylist to the stars right here in San Antonio? We know, it's bananas.

Penny Lane
5928 Broadway
San Antonio, TX 78209

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