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July 11th, 2013

Ruff Around The Edges

Despite cutting down on Burberry leashes to afford the best (read: most expensive) treats, your dainty dog still turns her wet nose up at anything purchased at PetSmart. Try as you might, you can’t give a dog a bone.

Turn to tasty and healthy dog treats from Katie’s Jar. Baked with high-quality, all-natural ingredients out of a San Antonio kitchen, each batch is tested and approved by the taste buds of Katie, a beagle who used to trifle with food allergies. Her loving owner Andrea created the biz from a doggy-style menu that stays true to local flavors with empanadas and churros, as well as guilt-free Pup Cakes. Call to place an order, find the goods at local Farmers' Markets or host a human-hound party with treats for both kinds of guests. 

Because of course your canine is the picky of the litter. 

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