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May 4th, 2017

Farm to Fable

The mother of four and food photographer behind Red Bird's House has the perfect gift for your foodie mom.

Remember when the only event on your social calendar was an impromptu tea party with your mom and doll?

New Braunfels food photographer and farm to market advocate Pauline Stevens has the perfect Mother's Day gift via her Red Bird's House line. Handprinted on vintage flour sacks, the oversized, sturdy tea towels feature her original stunning photography of farmers market products, vintage kitchen tools and recipe ingredients (Moscow Mule, anyone?). Gift your madre the blueberry scone recipe towel and an apron with hoops in which to hang it. Then, to celebrate her special day, bake the dish alongside her.

Raise your pinky fingers to the best gifts of the season.

Available online and at these retailers.

Take 10% off tea towels with the code love you mom (spaces between each word).

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