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April 7th, 2016

The Battle of Paper Flowers

Get Fiesta ready with oversized floral décor from Nativa.


5124 Broadway
San Antonio

You've been a flower junkie since your first trip to the Botanical Gardens, but you always shed a tear when they start to wilt.

Decorate for the season with giant paper flowers (available in-store for $20 each) from Nativa. The everlasting floral décor comes in varying bright colors, from hot pink to electric blue. Go a step further and adorn your abode with adorable laser-cut papel picado tablecloths or an embroidered "Fiesta" otomi pillow, sure to get you in the guayabera-wearing mood.

If only Fiesta lasted this long.

Hit O'liva's Battle of Flowers Parade Brunch on Friday, April 22, at the Spanish Governor's Palace! Ticket price includes food and drinks, Fiesta medals and street-level views of parade participants' shoes.

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