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May 22nd, 2019

Hashtag Millennial Lotería

It's lotería, but, like, way more millennial.


Available at La Casa Frida
2202 Broadway St.
San Antonio

Your fave drinking game is to sip green juice every time Hillary Kerr says "amazing."

Calling all millennials and those who wish they were. La Casa Frida has restocked Millennial Lotería, the viral Instagram concept that's modernized the traditional game. Set up your marquee board and invite your friends to say yaaaaas to attempting cards like El Hipster, La Hashtag, El Coachella, La Succulent, El Man Bun, El Juice Cleanse, La Student Debt, El Nail Art and La Selfie, pictured. The set of cards even comes with bitcoin tokens, so you can practice using both to become the guru of your generation. 

Welcome to your Second Life.

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