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June 16th, 2009

Make Martha Proud

You’ll at least _look_ like a real deal chef after a weekend class at CIA.

You're no Betty Crocker in the kitchen. There was that disaster with the garlic soup (how were you to know a clove and a bulb weren't the same thing?) and the time you set off the fire alarm cooking a frozen pizza.

Appearances trump talent, so fake like a foodie at The Culinary Institute of America, where you'll get kitchen goodies that will help you at least _look_ the part. Depending on what class you take at the gorgeous Pearl Brewery set-up, you'll get real deal chef's whites, an apron or a fancy cookbook. With accessories this pretty, you'll be a domestic goddess in no time. And, really, even the most helpless homemakers can master dishes after this coaching – sign up for the weekend courses on tapas, desserts or brunch. (Sorry, no mimosas.)

Move over, Bree Van De Kamp. There's nothing desperate about this housewife.

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