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December 10th, 2012

Livin' La Vida Lotto

Hey big spender.


Melissa Guerra
200 E. Grayson, Ste. 122
San Antonio

Had you won the $555 million Powerball, you would have put it towards home improvements, charitable contributions and a small shopping trip before stashing the rest away in your IRA. If your man had snagged the cash, he would have blown it immediately on trips to Vegas, a TV the size of a movie screen and the good scotch.

Give him a high-roller holiday, via the new cigar and wine department at Melissa Guerra, recently relocated to the trendy new boutique-heavy retail section of Pearl Brewery. The in-store cigar department makes a welcome addition to the already spectacular array of kitchen products. Stocked with a smattering of other-worldly luxuries, you'll find a selection of cigars from local Finck, the nation’s oldest cigar company, smooth smokers that pair excellently with the curated Latin wine selection.

The perfect way to celebrate him being one number away from starring in the Hangover 3.

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