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August 16th, 2011

In The Kitchen With John Besh

John Besh's soon to launch cookbook, My Family Table is the missing ingredient to your culinary collection

Wanna spice things up in the kitchen? All it takes is John Besh on your counter.

Well, John Besh's _cookbook_.

Soon-to-launch, My Family Table, is the missing ingredient to your culinary collection. In this palate pleasing page-turner, the restaurateur, award winning chef and family man encourages home-cooking through his tantalizing southern-style recipes (hello, bananas flambé), and essential tips like the best way to cook a fish or how to make the perfect frittata. The 272 page book is suited as much for parents looking for simple but savory school night meals, as it is for singles wondering how to turn out some jazz brunch-themed cuisine.

The heat is on.

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