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May 23rd, 2014

A French Twist on Texas

You've had your favorite scarf for so long you've now officially worn it as a headband, vest, cover up and love bite disguise. 

Fancify your collection with Hermès scarves designed by Waco artist Kermit Oliver. The only American to ever design for the Parisian fashion line, Oliver is a 71-year-old retired U.S. postal worker. He's designed 17 bright and intricate scarves for the fashion house, and his are the best selling in Hermès history. (They command thousands on eBay from his cult following of fans.) His most recent design, La Vie Sauvage du Texas, features a depiction of wildlife inspired by a trip to King Ranch, and Baylor University hosted a small exhibit of his work this summer, further raising the humble artist's profile.

This male is priority.

Photo: eBay

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