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April 7th, 2010

Julie & Julio

Gather a group for a private cooking class at Aldaco’s, where you’ll learn authentic recipes from the master herself, Blanca Aldaco.

You add Pace to avocados and call it your specialty guac, and often offer party-goers your "recipe" for Rotel.

You're not foolin' anyone, señorita. The only talent you have when it comes to Tex-Mex is inhaling chips and salsa. So gather a group and sign up for a private cooking class at Aldaco's, where you'll learn authentic recipes for enchiladas verdes and homemade salsa from the master herself, Blanca Aldaco, along with fun history about south-of-the-border cuisine. When you're through, sit back to enjoy your masterpiece and toast your graduation with a margarita.

While you brag to your friends about how long you spent twisting the limes.

Cooking with Blanca (Groups of 15 or more)

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