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June 11th, 2018

Cold Pressed To Impress

Farm to Juice is now available at Bird Bakery by the bottle.


Farm To Juice
1321 N Loop 1604 E, Ste 101
San Antonio

You're planning a cleanse this weekend. Which means clearing out your frig's veggie drawer to allow for a strict diet of cilantro margaritas and fresh avocado guac. 

Once you complete that task, consider a slightly revised approach to getting your daily dose, courtesy of local Farm to Juice. The farmers market staple is now available at Bird Bakery—also by delivery and at their store on 1604. Each energy-packed bottle is filled with 5-6 servings of 100% raw fruits and vegetables, with no sugar or preservatives added, that pack a power punch. We love the Los Remix, spiked with pineapple, ginger, green apple, lemon and pear for a summertime sip, or the Detox kicked up with turmeric to aid in anti-flammation. Add to the mix on-trend nut milks made of almond and cashew and single serve hot shots to fight off annoying allergies.  

Because getting healthy doesn't have to be the pits. 

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