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March 28th, 2017

I Have to Teepee

Indie House comes to town.


Indie House ParTEE at The Lambermont Estate
950 E. Grayston St.
San Antonio

As evidenced by the paper chandelier you added to to your pillow fort as a kid, you've always been a decor snob.

Up your hostessing game at your next al fresco soiree with a stunning Nordic-inspired teepee from Indie House, in town this week. Incorporating canvas and wood, the South Texas-based teepee company adds impact to any event theme you design, from beachy and bohemian to Southwestern chic. Thinking of throwing an Indie House ParTEE?  See the teepees in person at their event at The Lambermont Estate this Thursday, March 30, where you'll enjoy food and drinks under twinkle lights.

Take your girlhood glamping to the next level.

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