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April 25th, 2017

Reel World Texas

Satisfy your SXSW withdrawals at the Hill Country Film Festival.


Hill Country Film Festival
Fritztown Cinema
2254 S. US Hwy. 87

You've visited the vineyards along 290 so many times, you know which tasting room serves the biggest pour of pinot.

Swap the stems for screenings at the Hill Country Film Festival, Fredericksburg's four-day independent film fest. Check out our picks for don't-miss flicks. 

Thursday, April 27
Head to Fritztown Cinema at 7 p.m. for As Far As the Eye Can See - it's The Pianist with a Texas twist. Mosey on down to Auslander Restaurant & Biergarten after the credits roll and start the weekend early with festival sponsor, MPS Studios.

Friday, April 28
The Big Spoon, a film about dysfunctional relationships in your 20s and 30s (who can relate?), airs at 2:15. Make your way back to Fritztown at 6:30 for Victor, the Texas premiere of the true story of a Puerto Rican teen trying to survive the Brooklyn streets in 1962. Afterwards, the West End Pizza Company hosts a party with complimentary drinks for All Access badge holders.

Saturday, April 29
Option 1 // Hit up La Barracuda at 7:15 - this Selena-meets-Walk the Line flick follows a young British woman named Sinaloa and her Texan half sister as they address their family's musical legacy and relationships.
Option 2 // Watch the 10th Anniversary special screening of the classic Coen brothers film, No Country For Old Men, featuring Javier Bardem as a smoking psychopathic killer. You can't go wrong with the Closing Night Party and Awards at 9 p.m., where All Access badge holders are invited to celebrate with sponsors like Cinco Vodka, Pedernales Cellars, Seersucker Gin and more at the Nimitz Museum.

And see the world through rosé-colored glasses.

Photo: As Far As the Eye Can See.

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