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May 13th, 2010

Haute Pocket

Sample chic Mexican street food courtesy of La Gloria Ice House. You'll think you've died and gone to heaven.

You're a multi-tasker. You can text on the treadmill. You've mastered reading celeb gossip while conference calling. Drinking and dialing? Why, that's one of your specialties.

You'll have one hand free while munching on gourmet Mexican street food from La Gloria Ice House, brand new in the Pearl Brewery. CIA grad Johnny Hernandez whips up specialties on his gorgeous copper grill that make convenient on-the-go treats, like tacos, sopes and gorditas. Think the housemade sauces are miraculous? La Gloria translates to "the heavens," hence the angels flying around the bright space. Stay for cerveza and ceviche, or ask him to wrap up a tender pork torta so you can browse the brewery.

Giving you a chance to show off another of your skills: snacking while shopping.

La Gloria Ice House
100 East Grayson
San Antonio, TX 78215

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