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May 30th, 2017

See Inside :: Hanzo

Check out brand new Japanese-inspired bar and gastropub Hanzo.


7701 Broadway St.
Suite 124
San Antonio

With huaraches in your closet, pisco on the bar, and a killer bolognese recipe in your back pocket, your home might as well be a mini United Nations.

Embrace your next global adventure at the funky, Japanese-inspired bar Hanzo, which opened last week in Lincoln Heights. The concept, modeled after the idea of izakaya, or an informal Japanese gastropub, is heightened with fantastic decor elements like hanging hot pink fringe lamps and textured walls. The condensed, savory food menu features the Hamachi Sashimi with ginger soy dressing for refreshing summer-style bites and Brussels sprouts with a twist of kimchi and lotus root chips with wasabamame puree (wasabi, edamame and avocado puree). As for the specialty cocktails, The Yuzual Suspect and Hell No Kitty are as delish as they are creatively named. 

Just call yourself Ambassador of Cheers.

Photo: @darkhorseeffect

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