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June 10th, 2016

Local Artist to Watch: Fabian Lainez

Meet local artist Fabian Lainez, whose work is collected by art aficionados around the globe.

You bought Anthropologie's entire adhesive wallpaper line to get around your apartment's strict decorative wall rules, and it's been used for nothing but extremely expensive wrapping paper ever since.
All you'll need is a hammer and nail to hang colorful oil paintings by local artist Fabian Lainez - most backgrounds on his stunning works are traditional wall coverings like mosaic and ornate frescos. His pieces went up last night at Twin Sisters Bakery as part of their rotating selection of excellent local artists. You could get lost in the intricate, bold patterns by Lainez, who was born in Barcelona and has worked in antique restoration and furniture making. He blends the ultra masculine with the super feminine in a way that makes his work investment worthy.
It's a look that's sure to stick.

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