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January 25th, 2012

Errand Girl to the Rescue

Really? Christmas decorations up 'til February?

An invite pops up to a fab-sounding dinner party with your fave friends. You:
a.) Immediately start plotting which dress you'll wear.
b.) Make a mental note to stock up on hostess-gift vino.
c.) Brace yourself for your high school aged sitter's inevitable turn-down-text.

If you answered a resounding C, we've got a solution for you. The gurus at Texas-based MommyMixer have developed a new online program that gives you access to detailed profiles of darling, energetic babysitters, dog walkers, house sitters and household managers. (Really? Christmas decorations up 'til February?) Their hip parties, covered by _Good Morning America_, allow for mingling to see who's a right fit for your hourly and part-time help. Or, learn about each candidate online and see how other San Antonio women have rated their services.

It's all so much easier then deciphering those _I'm busy that ngt but mayB l8tr_ messages.


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