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May 14th, 2019

Click Bait

Immerse yourself in 'grammable vignettes at Palm 91.


Palm 91
1120 E Commerce St, Ste 100
San Antonio

Bringing additional lighting to an intimate dinner. Standing on a chair to photograph your food. Jumping out of an Uber to capture an Essex Modern City pic. Your commitment to your gram has caused you to pull some stunts.

Mix with your kind at Palm 91. The Instagram sensation in Historic St. Paul Square is a creative space with scenes and themed installations that will continually be updated throughout the year. Take a seat on the oversized lawn chair, show your Texas spirit in front of the Hola Y'all mural or step under the colorful umbrella. The color palette beckons for selfies, but bring a pal or your furry friend so you don't have to long-arm the entire experience.

It's the click you've always wanted to join. 

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