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August 26th, 2009

Chick Fit

Cover up that cleave with a Chickie, a brilliant idea from the owner of Adelante boutique.

Whether your cup runneth over or you're packing two smaller punches, you have to treat your girls with respect. Securing your wrap dress with an unsightly safety pin or adding multiple layers under a skin-skimming sweater is just plain unfair to your pair.

Thankfully, Marla Ross, the owner of the ever-chic Adelante boutique, conquered the cleave by inventing Chickies, a "fake tank" designed to snap around any regular bra strap. Her tagline? Wear a chickie, not a dickey. Better than an unsupportive tube that can cause sagging or a super strappy cami, this concoction allows you to finally wear all of the outfits you've thrown in your _not sure how to wear this_ drawer.

Well look at that...now everyone's cup can be at least half-full.

Can be purchased in-store at www.julsandmeg.com target="_blank">Adelante Boutique.

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