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May 16th, 2014

Charmed and Dangerous

Upgrade your wardrobe with a trip to wallet-friendly Charming Charlie.

Warmer temps have us all taking a look at our personal color wheels.

Sun-kissed locks with low-lights don't just make for lipstick swaps - hone in on your seasonal hues at Charming Charlie, the Texas based go-to for jewelry, purses and J. Crew style accessories at price tags that don't pinch. With locations in the Quarry, the Rim, and Stone Oak, you'll easily scour the goodies suited for you as the boutiques are notoriously separated into shades to help you swiftly choose your best look.

There's no better stylist than Roy. G. Biv.

Want to be on the Front Row?  Add to your jewelry collection with a fantastic pair of earrings from Charming Charlie (pictured), 20% off all Tidbits Treats, and more! HURRY, ENDS SOON!

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