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February 7th, 2014

Bee My Honey: Gretchen Bee Ranch

Hive a good time at Gretchen Bee Ranch.

Social demands. Work deadlines. Stocking up on hot toddy fixins to fight the dipping temps.

While you've been keeping yourself occupied with pesky honey-do's, some overachieving worker-bees at Gretchen Bee Ranch have been burning the midnight honeycomb to bring you some of the sweetest products around. This Seguin-based operation is swarming with the best that bees have to offer. Pick up everything from natural flavored honey to beeswax candles and loaded gift baskets at farmers' markets around SA. You can also buy your own starter bee hives directly from the farm.

If these titans of industry could hear you complain about your busy schedule, they'd definitely tell you to buzz off.

farmers' marketTrying to find a way to incorporate your newest farmers' market haul? Find recipes for honey-rosemary lemonade, Texas mesquite honey cookies, honey curry chicken and more on their recipes page.

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