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December 20th, 2014

Two Rongs Make a Right

Texas-based artist Rongrong DeVoe creates striking prints for the fashion-minded set.

Last year you spent a night in the ER after you got elbowed in the gut while snagging the last navy Longchamp. Holiday battle wounds are hard to heal. 

Stick to online shopping and find the perfect goodies this go around at Rongrong Illustrations. Born in China and now residing in Texas, Rongrong DeVoe is dedicated to bringing fashion to life in her illustrious illustrations. Designed and crafted using watercolor, pencil and digital techniques, the FIT grad's pictures are perfect for decking your walls. Order your bestie a custom rendering (below) or snag a clever phrase printiPhone case or $20 Louboutin canvas tote. Get free shipping with code TIDBITS.

Hard hitting gifting that leaves no scars.



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