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October 25th, 2017

You Need to See:"Girl You Can"

Artist Jennifer Ling Datchuk unveils her powerful Girl You Can exhibit at Trinity.


"Girl You Can" Through Dec 9
Trinity University, Dicke Art Building
Michael and Noemi Neidorff Art Gallery, One Trinity Pl.
San Antonio

Truth: girl power ballads are what you secretly blast in the car before any big meeting. 

Openly embrace your femme force at the brand new Girl You Can exhibition by local Jennifer Ling Datchuk. The Southwest School of Art professor, Blue Star resident and sculptor unveils a collection that serves as social commentary on our Instagram-fueled lives, through textile-inspired installations using synthetic hair, handmade beads, ceramic sculptures and broken dishes. Some pieces are her interpretation of the term basic b*tch. You'll spy nail art that's a modern take on traditional blue and white pottery, a nod to her Chinese-American upbringing - it was manicured by local Glaze Nail Lounge. See culture through her lens, rose-colored glasses not included.


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