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January 19th, 2014

You Are Now Free To Booze About the Cabinet

Two Dallas-reared sisters are behind buzzy cocktail brand Austin Cocktails.

You're a natural entertainer, but when it comes to offering drinks that require more than a shot glass, you're better off hiring a professional.

Let Austin Cocktails do the work for you. The guilt-free (under 100-cal per serving) concoctions contain purified water, natural herbs and six-times distilled vodka to make fresh, ready-to-pour cocktails. Founded by Dallas-reared sisters Kelly Gasink and Jill Burns, the Cucumber Vodka Mojito was just added to Virgin airline's in-flight drink menu. Obsessed with the quality of ingredients that make up their spirits, the pair sampled more than 90 black teas until they found the perfect match from the mountains of Kenya for their Tea Twister. Other options include the coconut water-infused Paradise Found and the Vodkarita. 

Now you can avoid being shaken when serving.  

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