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October 7th, 2009

Aisle Style

Treat your bridesmaids to a dress inspired by the runway - Bella Bridesmaid just came to town.


Bella Bridesmaid
5800 Broadway, Ste. 201
San Antonio

The best part about being in a wedding? (Besides when you get to be in the house party.) It's not your choice of cute groomsmen or gratis hair and makeup services.

It's a dress from Bella Bridesmaid, the seriously adorable San Francisco-based chain that just opened a locally-owned boutique in Alamo Heights. The sleek space is stocked with dresses so cute that you want to wear 'em out of the store and straight to dinner. Grab your maids and some champagne, settle into the cozy surroundings, and browse the selection of all-silk dresses with the most amazing detail work and think contrasting lining, modern ruffles, and sleek two-tone styles. We promise you'll gasp at every one of them.

Bella's taken the ugly out of bridesmaid. Just don't ruin it by trying to do the Roger Rabbit on the dance floor after too many toasts.

By appointment only.

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