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October 16th, 2017

We're Just Here For The Boos

Enjoy a Voodoo-centric Sazerac Egg Crème Soda at Toups' Meatery.


Toups' Meatery
845 N. Carrollton Ave.
New Orleans
You and your crew are getting psyched for next weekend's Voodoo Fest and Halloween hoopla. Where to meet up to pre-game? Might we suggest Toups' Meatery for a round - or six - of Sazerac Egg Crème Sodas. Because you like your spooky spiked. 
Sazerac Egg Crème Soda
Yields 1 cocktail
1 egg yolk
1oz. Sazerac syrup (see below)
1oz. fresh squeezed lemon jouice
2 dashes of vanilla
Club soda
Method: Fill shaker with ice. Add egg yolk, Sazerac syrup and lemon juice. Shake well. Pour into highball glass and top with soda a couple of dashes of vanilla.
Sazerac Syrup
(makes about gallon, can be stored for future use)
1 bottle of Sazerac rye
1/8 cup Herbsaint
1/8 cup Peychaud's
2 quarts sugar
Method: Boil all ingredients until it reduces down to a syrup.

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