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June 17th, 2015

Q&A with Owner of Neon Heart

Meet Ali McNally, owner of chic Lowerline boutique Neon Heart.


Neon Heart
1022 Lowerline St.
New Orleans

Girl crushes are one of life's little pleasures. Meet our current infatuation - Ali McNally, owner of Neon Heart boutique. With street cred that stretches all the way to London where she was a beauty editor and stylist, her resume is as rockin' as her vibe. The shop on Lowerline she owns with husband Chris Scheurich is curated with a range of lifestyle goods, accessories and products from NOLA and beyond. We got chatty to find out her personal obsessions, local loves and which celebs she's dressed (ahem, Brad Pitt)... 

You named your store Neon Heart. What in NOLA makes your heart skip a beat?
I am utterly captivated by Mardi Gras Indian culture. My husband and I were recently involved in the making of a music video for a British production duo. The entire promo follows the Creole Wild West tribe over the course of Super Sunday and St. Joseph's Night. Seeing their suits and hearing their chanting makes my heart stick in my throat it's so beautiful. 

Before coming to NOLA you were a stylist in London - any noteables you helped outfit?
Brad Pitt was pretty notable! Lovely guy. And recently I had a job here in New Orleans where I was able to style Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead, which happens to be my favorite TV show. That was pretty major for me. 

What kind of purse are you carrying right now, and what 3 things would we always find inside your bag? 
A leopard print calf hair clutch by local designer Rorin. I've always got a pair of Valley sunglasses on me. I also make sure to have a magnifying compact mirror, red lipstick for touch ups and mineral powder sunscreen for sun protection on the go. 

The best perk of working with your husband is _____.
He's my best friend! I trust him implicitly and we make all the decisions together. It's nice to have a sounding board and support system. 

Best place for eats in the city?
If I'm on the go and want something healthy I love dropping by Superfood Bar for a smoothie or a wrap. I also love the vegan pho at Lilly's and the ume onigiri at Yuki Izakaya. I used to live in Tokyo and I crave authentic Japanese food quite often. 

People would be surprised to find ______ in your closet.
A pair of Louboutins. I never thought I'd be a red bottom kind of girl, but Chris and I are having our "proper" wedding for all of our friends and family this November and I needed something blue. I figured I'm only getting married once so a pair of Opaline Louboutin Pigalles seemed like a fitting shoe to wed in. But now I think I'm in trouble: I don't want to get into the habit of only lusting after shoes that cost that much money.

Photo Bruce Cervini 

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