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February 10th, 2019

Throw Me Somethin’ Sister

Slough off the skin sparkle with 9 Muses Body Polish.

Who doesn't love a parade where you leave with free shoes and a buzz?

Gift your favorite Muses gal with new 9 Muses Body Polish. Created by Emily Manger of Sweet Olive Soap Works at the request of riders who told her how difficult it is to get the glitter off of their skin post parade, the dead sea salts clean and exfoliate, while the butters and jojoba beads make for super soft, moisturized skin. Bonus: The fragrant blend of lily, rose and orange blossom is inspired by the Garden District after a rainfall. 

An at-home spa treatment to leave you head over heels.

Looking for a Muses pre-party? Head to Hot Tin at the Pontchartrain Hotel for Bubbles and Beads TOMORROW, Thurs, Feb 28, from 4 - 6 p.m. Enjoy by the glass and bottle specials as well as giveaways and photo opps. 

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