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July 22nd, 2012

London By Way Of Louisiana

You're rocking a work appropriate fascinator in your hair and plan to spend your lunch hour googling how to put a cajun spin on fish and chips for your opening ceremony party.
Before heading back to the homestead to mix up a pitcher of Pimm's Cup, score some themed out decor at Perch, the Mag street boutique that can easily give your condo a London accent. Peruse a selection of mod pieces that will last way past the torch being snuffed out. Big ticket items include a custom upholstered Union Jack chair or throw rug, but smaller accessories such as British-themed boxes of matches would be total winners as individual place settings. The shop is full of finds scoured from all over the country, ranging from the finest of antiques to edgy pop culture showstoppers.
Cheers to hitting it off with a Michael Phelps-type to invite over for morning Cheerios.

Kick off the games in style with the Olympics Viewing Festivities at The Ritz-Carlton TODAY, Friday July 27, for a pub-style lunch at M bistro, or traditional English Afternoon Tea in The Davenport Lounge. Make a reservation ASAP at 504.524.1331. Afterwards, make haste over to Whiskey Blue for the Excellia Tequila Signature Cocktail event. This one kicks off at 10 p.m. and lasts until 3 a.m., so bring perfect the art of the pace.

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