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January 11th, 2018

A Matcha Made in Heaven

The just launched local label Good Queen Bess will leave your skin the softest in the South.

The old saying is you are what you eat, but let's get real - we are also what we drink. 

When you're not acting like a total tequila shot, be something a little healthier with Good Queen Bess. The new NOLA-based botanical skin care line, the brainchild of Louisiana native Liz Pogue of Revelator Coffee, features a collection of three body polishes - coffee, matcha and rose tea. Using ingredients sourced from the South, the super nourishing and rejuvenating products made with all the good stuff like vitamin E essential oils will help reduce inflammation and cellulite. Whipped shea butter and lemon promise younger looking skin. Currently available on Scout Mob, the gorgeous packaging will have you stacking these up on your bathroom counter for display. The yummy smell - particularly the matcha - will have you considering eating it for a snack.  

An alias for what ales ya.

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