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January 16th, 2020

Don't Get Your Tinsel In A Twist

Funkify your life with shimmy worthy jackets from Fringe + Co.

When you live in a costume party city like New Orleans, you'll find a random sequin, feather or glitter pile on your floor any day of the year.

Add to the stash a few strands of tinsel from the brand new Totally Tinsel collection from Fringe + Co. In addition to the colorful headwraps we're still wild for, the party-centric local brand is taking the tempo up with mulit-hued themed jackets and pants made of the metallic magic you thought was reserved for the Christmas tree. From the spirited black and gold version with matching celebratory bottoms to the pretty-in-pink Prom Queen jacket, you'll be the life of any party. 

And leave a trail of sparkles in your wake. 

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